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Trishala Pillai

Trishala Pillai's a Rockstar

A Rockstar is someone who embodies our four founding principles of heart, soul, brains and courage.

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Shaping the world, one community and countless dialogues at a time with The Dialogue Xchange

My Story
Trishala is a UW Arts Alumna. In her fourth year of university, inspired by her role as Co-Chair for TEDxUW, she co-founded The Dialogue Xchange - in its simplest form, it is a community-powered forum for engaged dialogue. Their mission is to shape the world, one community and countless dialogues a a time - dialogue that makes everyone a part of the solutions and equally values voices. Today, The Dialogue Xchange has rendered into a national brand and open government-nominated organization to help build a more transparent, open and collaborative Canada, using dialogue as a hard commercial tool. She is incredibly passionate about the power of cross-sector collaboration and tri-sector leadership. With that said, Outside of The Dialogue Xchange, Trishala works in Sales and Technology as an Ecommerce Consultant for Shopify Plus and is a Fellow at Venture for Canada.
Passions / Skills
Social Entrepreneurship
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