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Aleks Poldma

Aleks Poldma's a Rockstar

A Rockstar is someone who embodies our four founding principles of heart, soul, brains and courage.

Not only do they possess these characteristics, they go above and beyond to make a difference.

Social entrepreneur, engineer, a great team player and leader.

Waterloo, Canada
My Story
I am a young, energetic entrepreneur, with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Waterloo. I was the captain of the University of Waterloo's men's volleyball team. I love learning, designing, and making an impact. I excel as a leader in many different environments and teams. I presently run my own clothing brand, Hydrated World, and work as a Resource Conservation Specialist at Enviro-Stewards Inc. I have strong technical skills, which are complimented with great interpersonal skills, resulting in my growing success in business development.
Passions / Skills
Social Entrepreneurship
Business Strategy
Business Development
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